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Tadao Cern: Blow Job
A friend, Jonny Grubin, alerted to me to this collection, and this one’s my personal favourite.  Aside from the obvious humour associated with titling the set “Blow Job”, these are great images.
First of all, the photography is stunning.  A snapshot of a moment in time yet I can almost see the skin still rippling.
Then there’s the whole thing of temporarily transforming these faces into something really quite visually unappealing.  And even though we imagine the noise and sound of the machine in the subjects’ face, the images convey a sort of unnatural peacefullness. 
With the photograph I’ve chosen as my favourite, I love the colours and pattern in the model’s shirt, bringing out the pinks/blues/purple in her eyelids.  Colours associated with bruising and pain, yet she looks really quite serene.
Check out the rest of the set here: