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Newtown: why I love you
Let me tell you a little story about my evening.
As I wandered up to Marly Bar to meet James and Kris for a quick drink and spotted the lunar eclipse (totally romantic, yada yada), a guy pedalling his fixie stopped to ask where the nearest laundrette was.  After a few minutes of conversation about said lunar eclipse, laundrettes and Goulds bookstore, I said he was welcome to join us for a drink and put our detective skills to the test.
We needed Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes on our side as this chap, who I’d now discovered was called JD, had just bought a couple of super posters from Goulds but didn’t know the singer featured in one of them.  I didn’t either, but was confident that James or Kris would have an idea.  Props to James who immediately knew it was one of the Ratpack, and thanks to another couple nearby (more making of friends) we discovered it was Samuel Davis Jr (photo above).
And then after another glass of wine and excited discussions of the new Google image search, how we decide what is good and evil, the Transit of Venus as well as everything in between, we parted ways and wandered home.
I’ll probably never see that guy again - all I know is he’s JD and a dance choreographer/producer and owns a funky hat.  But there’s this poster that will go on his wall with a story behind it, about how he met these strangers and tried to put the world to rights over two glasses of Pinot Noir. 
And that, darlings, is why I love Newtown.