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  1. Lime Cordiale: Bonne Nuit, Je Suis

    From what I gather, these terrifically sexy men are Northern Beaches boys.  I hope its not just me on this train of thought: this track is incredibly sensual, and I’m getting seductive with my glass of red just listening to it. Maybe its the whole frenchy-francais-bonjour, je t’aime-vibe that I’m a sucker for, but the sound of that delicious trombone is just delightful. 

    I first heard them play at Hermanns Bar over a week ago, at the Beat The System end of semester party.  And they moved it; everyone was getting down in their own groove. 

    For you cool city kids, they’re playing at The Lansdowne on Sat 30th June.  Get there and make me insanely jealous please (I will flying through Seoul at that point).  Links below darlings.

    Locals Only@The Lansdowne:

  2. "Bonne Nuit, Je Suis" - Lime Cordiale
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