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"Aim High, Go Low"

Sadly, I cannot really do attempt a full review on this place, as I didn’t really get involved in the cocktails, and I know that without trying these, I wouldn’t understand the place to its full potential.

BUT I can at least give you an idea of the vibe.  Having had a couple of my favourite whisky-apple&orange juices at my absolute favourite Shady Pines, we wandered up Crown Street to Low 302 (Surry Hills/Darlinghurst).  Wednesday night, and at 10pm it was almost empty, apart from a couple of girls smartly polishing off a bottle of wine and seemed to be regulars. 

However, due to its low level, red lighting and the supercomfy couch seating and stools, it didn’t matter that we were the only ones there.  And even better, it has a beautiful “outside” area, at the front, completely sheltered but with a big open space looking onto Crown Street so one can sip one’s wine, enjoy a cigarette and people watch at the same time.  Perfect for me!

So I was saying it was empty…however at about 11, everyone started to arrive until the bar area was pretty packed out.  And everyone knew each other - we were getting involved in the regulars I think.  Totally good vibe, and very welcoming: I had the most interesting conversations with an American/Australian/English girl in relation to social history and past etiquette.  And later, I was even coerced into conning someone that it was my pre-wedding do with my new best friends! 

Lastly, I spied a cheeky piano in the corner, and I see on their website they have live music every so often: Blues, Soul, Jazz & Rock and Roll.  Sounds good to me!

See you there soon.

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