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  1. Rolien Sandelowsky: this

    Project video by the beautiful Rolien, and she writes:

    "this is a movie i made using a doll, a chair and a bag of plain flower, referring to the superficial overconsious world we are living in. we all grow up thinking we can do everything and be everyone. people do things because other people do so, without acting with a reason, just because they do. drugs, sex, walking away being alone rather than an independent individual. in contrast to this superficiality, I decided to include heavier work of a known, gifted and appreciated artist chopin. the background music in this video is etude op. 10, number for - by sviatoslav richter"

    Take a watch!

  1. Timestamp: Thursday 2012/06/07 1:58:00ideasartRolien SandelowskycofaoverconcioussuperficialChopinindependencedrugssexmovievideoindependent film