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Forum: Feeding the World - Land, Hunger & Human Rights

Wednesday 6 June, Seymour Centre: Free, RSVP required

Its estimated that by 2050, world demand for food will increase by 70%.  Thats huge.  And what are we going to do about it?  The potential effects on the developing world, those living in poverty, women are dramatic. 

In the 1980s, fear propelled by Malthusian thought brought about global initiatives into market forces and food security, especially for those living below the poverty line.  And that was great.  But we’ve become complacent and these issues need to be addressed once more.  And its not just the lack of cultivatable land left across the globe now, or water shortages, its about the micronutrients we all need to survive, take for granted in developed countries and should be readily and easily available to those in impoverished communities.

So thats a pretty scary prospect right now, hey? Yet Professor Chris Barratt, in his Sydney Ideas talk on global food security, was positive about meeting these demands in the near future, as long as we have a radical shift in the way we, as individuals, corporations and governments handle the situation.  It’ll be interesting to guage the general concensus in the One Just World forum.

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