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Seeing China: Independent Documentary Films (UTS)

Held at UTS on 1-2 June & 7-8June, the China Research Centre is showing a number of independent documentary films surfacing from the People’s Republic of China in the last 5 or so years.

The films will give an insight into contemporary film practice within China, as well as invite discussion about Chinese urban, rural and social affairs today.

Post-film discussion will be led by Mr Li Xin (Lecturer in Media Arts at the Yunnan Arts Institute), and Dr Luke Robinson (Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Nottingham; author of the forthcoming monograph: Independent Chinese Documentary: From the Studio to the Street, to be published by Palgrave).

My “Remaking Chinese Society” lecturer, Dr Eileen Walsh has alerted me to these events: I reckon its worth a look in, to gain an idea and understanding of some of the issues relevant to China today.

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