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  1. Vivid Sydney 2012: Opera House

    Friday night I schmoozed along to the MCA Artbar launch night.  Its going to happen the last Friday of every month - but this one was doubly special as it was also the light-up night for 2012’s Vivid Sydney Festival. 

    Firstly, the MCA Artbar was definitely worth the visit!  Having loved the Jurassic Lounge seasons held at the Australian Museum, this was along a similar vein.  Being able experience and discuss artworks in a gallery space, yet with a glass of wine in hand and this great vibe all around you is certainly something special.  (And all museums should invest some time into making it happen!)  There was even Karaoke on one of the floors - singing one’s heart out in a civilised cultural zone is pretty funky hey?!  And then boogied on down on the new redesigned MCA balcony with incredible views of the harbour (and the Vivid Sydney projections).  Met some incredible artists too - all very romantic yada yada 

    Friday night was also the start of Vivid Sydney 2012.  Consisting of 63 light sculptures/installations all the way from the Opera House to Walsh Bay, its makes a dramatic change to the iconic shapes we’re used to seeing surrounding the harbour. The video above is probably my favourite section of the projection sequence.

    To alter everyone’s perception of this world famous building is an incredible talent, and I found myself suspending my disbelief at countless points during the evening - utterly astounded by what I was seeing happen to the facade of Opera House. 

    We managed to check some of the other light installations that evening too - the Customs House, the old facade of the MCA and the sound-visual sensory structures in the grassed areas around Circular Quay - before heading off to Baxter Inn to slurp countless whisky-apple-oranges. 

    Gareth and Will even joined me on Saturday night to try and see some more of the Vivid installations and we still didn’t get around to see them all!  Planning on doing some more this week - I don’t think I’ll get bored of the vibe over the next two weeks either.  You MUST get yourselves in the area, its on until 11 June.

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