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So here goes

During the week, I decided I wanted to start a blog.  At the time, I was probably procrastinating, as well as talking to a friend about recording memory and diaries and such. So here goes!

Those who know me, I’m a big sharer of stuff.  Anything I’ve glimpsed, seen, heard, been to, read, I want everyone around to experience it too.  And I can talk a lot right.  So instead of boring people in conversation and discussing something not really relevant to the situation, or spamming everyone on facebook, this is going to be my new outlet for getting my voice out there.  And maybe someone will read it.  Hey even if they don’t, at least I feel I’ve tried to give something back to the community! 

Yet the main reason for blogging is for myself.  Selfish huh?  Not so much.  It’ll be like a scrapbook of all my thoughts, and I may even try stick stuff to the screen of my laptop.  But in our generation where so much content we experience is via the big wide web, having a diary of thoughts just isn’t good enough - you can’t tack a video in there!  And I’d love to have a record of my thoughts and experiences to look back upon in future: “Oh, did I really meet that person at that event?”  or “Far out, it was October 2010 that I saw that video?” or “Yes, thats the book I was thinking of.”

However, I’m not a writer.  And I’m not overly wise. 

Don’t expect me to solve world problems, but I’ll sure give it a go along the way. 

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